Country:        Germany
Town: Berlin 
Name: Military Hospital Berlin
Type of hospital: Military Hospital
Scope:                     Planning as well as supply and installation of medical and technical equipment
No. of beds: 367


In the course of several years different sections of the military hospital in Berlin have been newly planned or re-designed and provided with medical equipment of the latest state of the art. This referred i.a. to the rehabilitation of House 1.3 with extension of the OT Dept., Endoscopy Dept., Uro-radiological unit incl. lithotripsy and rehabilitation of wards. Part of the undertaking was as well the rebuilding of House 1.7 comprising Radiology, ICU, General Ward and Infectious Diseases Ward Level S2 / S3.

Reconstruction and rehabilitation measures are still ongoing such as rebuilding of Emergency Ward and rehabilitation of House 1.1 (Wards) and relating examination facilities.