Country: Saudi Arabia
Town:  Jeddah 
Name: Armed Forces Hospital 
Type of hospital: Military Hospital
Scope:                     Expansion of General Hospital - Supply and installation of complete medical and technical equipment
No. of beds: 160 


In order to be able to provide medical care to the personnel of all military facilities in Jeddah an entirely new hospital with 160 beds was built adjacent to the already existing 76-bed military hospital. The equipment selection was based in large part on the equipment available in the Eisenhower Hospital in Palm Springs, USD, including i.a. CT, dialysis unit, nuclear medicine and 6 operating theaters. The furniture had the standard of a five star hotel. hospitalia international not only supplied the entire medical equipment, but also technical facilities such as sterilization, kitchen and laundry with boiler house. Also two ambulances and a fire-fighting vehicle were supplied.